Traditional Tulips

Grown in the natural soil, for the highest quality!
Marius duin

We simply love tulips! And that's why we aim for the highest quality, every day again!

Through years of experience and quite some perfection, we have consciously chosen to grow our tulips in the natural soil.

Still our bulbs are planted the traditional way, all by hand in the nutritious soil. No large watercontainers or huge crates, but as natural as possible, straight in our best grounds. Therefore we use so-called 'rolling' greenhouses. That means that our greenhouses are built on wheels, and are moved over rails to use a fresh piece of land every time in order to get the highest lasting quality of our tulips.

The bulbs get plenty of time to grow, with help of the elements and a lot of passion for our handicraft! And with these ingredients you get a real 'traditional' bunch of crackling tulips! With beautiful green leaves, more intense colors and not to mention the longer vaselife!

Just try our 'famous' traditional grown tulips and we assure that you will be pleased!

About us

Since 1928 a passion for tulips!
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Traditional Tulips is an important part of M.M. Duin Bearflowers. Since the beginning in 1928, tulips (and more flowers) are grown here on a traditional way. No mass production, but with special care and an eye for detail.

As grandchildren from the local well known Cor Duin (Nickname Cor 'the Bear') and Piet de Ruijter (Piet from the Mailbox), we are born between the tulips! And so we have raised our handicraft to an art.

Every bunch of tulips goes through our hands, every day we strive for the highest quality!

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Intense colors, excellent quality. That’s where we stand for!


All of our tulips are exclusively grown in the traditional, artisan way, in the natural ground. In the best soil, for the best possible result. For the one and only crackling tulips, with our ‘pleasure in the vase-guarantee’! If you are interested in our flowers, please let us know! We are happy to help you.

Tulipa Alison Bradley
Tulipa Viking
Tulipa Verona
Tulipa Strong Gold
Tulipa Adore
Tulipa Sambuca
Tulipa Flashpoint
Tulipa Concorde
Tulipa Roeska
Tulipa Universum
Tulipa Vulcan d'Or
Tulipa Attila
Tulipa Striker
Tulipa Justina


In addition to our regular range, we have some great novelties every season. Check our instagram page to stay informed. (traditionaltulipsmmduin)

Where to buy

From Heemskerk to....Tokyo, London, New York, Berlin, Moscow, Paris, Rome...
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Every day our tulips travel the world!

To London, Tokyo, Moscow... everywhere around the globe our tulips are sold at the finest flower shops!

Because our flowers are daily fresh traded by a fine network of wholesalers at the Dutch flowerauction, they have become well known world wide by floral experts! For further information, or to find a wholesaler who sells our flowers, please contact us at

So don't hesitate to ask your florist or wholesaler for Traditional Tulips or BearTulips. Easily recognized by our bearlogo!

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For wholesalers and florists: Our flowers can easily be pre-ordered via Floraholland's "Clock pre-sales". Every day at 17.00 h. CET our offer for the next auctionday will be online. Check out here: FloraMondo

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